"QBP is just a really warm company. I don't think I've worked anywhere where everyone actually loves their job—and everyone here loves their job.

Melanie Horrocks - Q-West

QBP employees take pride in their work and bring passion to their play

QBP career opportunities

Industry partner career opportunities

All candidates are subject to a pre-employment criminal background check and a drug screen. Some applicants may be subject to a credit check as well.

Working for QBP: Benefits and Perks

Whether you work for QBP in the mountains of Utah, the prairies of Minnesota, or the wooded hills of Pennsylvania, we offer a generous mix of comprehensive benefits and great perks.

The Freedom of Working for an Open Organization

QBP is an open organization with no walled-in offices. Our senior leadership, managers and their teams work side-by-side in modern "hexacles" that encourage communication and collaboration. Our LEED Gold-certified distribution centers—one in Minnesota, one in Utah—are spacious, quiet, filled with light, and have minimal impact on the environment.

This sense of openness pervades everything we do. We're open to:

QBP Top 50 Work Places

Developing your career with tuition reimbursement, coaching, mentoring and unique forums like the Leadership Institute, and Merrifield Distribution training.

Helping you achieve your physical, emotional and financial best with regular wellness events and activities, from yoga and Spartacus to investment and money management seminars. And, of course, we'll help make cycling a central part of your life by providing generous discounts on bikes, parts, apparel and more. Sign up for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and round out your healthy day with a fresh dose of seasonal, chemical-free produce.

Letting you unleash your community spirit. Through volunteer initiatives like ACE (Advocacy, Community Service, and Environment), many employees get a chance to lead and grow and make a positive difference to the bike industry, their hometowns, and local (and not so local) ecosystems.

Freeing you to express your individuality through casual clothing choices, and workspaces decorated to reflect your passions and creativity.

QBP Spokes Cafe Bloomington, MN

Sharing the wealth. All employees are eligible to earn profit-sharing bonuses three times a year. Additional high-performance bonuses are awarded based on company performance and year-end evaluations.

Finally, we're open to continually expanding and evolving the benefits we provide our employees. It makes sense for your career, your happiness and productivity, and the long-term sustainability of our business. Small wonder that the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Outside Magazine regularly rank QBP among the best places to work.

QBP career opportunities


Traditional & Non-Traditional Benefits

We've got competitive medical, dental and insurance benefits, along with generous PTO and holidays. Plus, we provide a host of "playful" benefits like social hours, celebrations and an off-site company retreat. Torn between earning a living and spending more time with your canine? Bring your dog to work! Our Dog of the Day Program lets you schedule your pooch for regular office visits.

NOTE: QBP offers different benefits packages at each of its three locations.
Not all benefits listed here are universally available.

    Traditional Benefits

  • Medical
  • Short and Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Dental
  • 401(K)
  • New Parent Leave
  • Funeral Leave and Memorials
  • Flexible Spending and Health Saving Accounts
  • Supplemental AD&D and Life Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Referral Bonus
  • College Savings Program
  • Wells at Work: Wells Fargo offers
    Q employees a valuable package of accounts, services and special benefits

    Non-Traditional Benefits

  • Bring Your Dog to Work
  • Company Retreat and Celebrations
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Employee Artist Hallway
  • Social Hours
  • Tournaments
  • Employee Gifts
Bicycle Riders from QBP West Facilities

Bike Benefits – Ride for Your Life!

Riding a bike is good for your health, good for the environment, and good for the bike industry, too! That's why QBP encourages everyone to ride. From discounts on bikes to merchandise credits for commuting to work, it's easy to make biking an integral part of your life.

  • Commuter Credits
    Earn points you can cash in on merchandise when you bike, run, walk, car-pool or use alternative transportation to commute.
  • Shower Facilities at QBP
  • Bike & Helmet Purchase Benefit
  • Locker Rooms, Showers & Towel Service
    QBP provides free lockers, changing areas, showers and towel service for bike commuters.
  • Bike to Work Day
    Once a month, we reward bike commuters with a free breakfast or lunch, prizes, and double commuter credits.
  • Discounts on Products
    Employees get generous discounts on QBP brand products.
  • Social Bike Rides
    Join one of our company-supported or employee-initiated bike rides.
  • Bike Leave
    Long-term, high-performing employees can take a one-month, paid leave of absence to pursue interests that promote biking.
  • Pro Deals
    Get special discounts on products from select bike and outdoor industry partners
  • Bike Repair Shop
    Keep your ride road or trail-worthy in our fully stocked bicycle repair room.
  • Demo Bike Fleet
    Try the latest bikes from All-City, Civia, Foundry, Salsa and Surly.
  • Indoor Bike Parking
    Don't leave your ride out in the cold. Keep it safe and dry at our large indoor parking area.
  • Commuter Bike League (CBL)
    Turn your daily commute into an epic competition. Teams of employees vie to rack up the miles and claim the annual CBL Championship.
  • Greenlightride.com
    Log your bike-commuting mileage and track your CBL team stats with this free online tool.
  • Alternative Transportation Parking
    Employees using alternative transportation received dedicated parking spaces (carpooling, vanpooling, motorcycles)
  • Locker Room Facilities at QBP

Lifestyle Benefits

It's a fact: stress impedes productivity, drags on your health, and makes you a crashing bore at parties. QBP's wellness events help you incorporate healthy physical, emotional, financial and creative activities into your life.

Shower Facilities at QBP

Work the knots out of your back with a free table massage. Get your mind and body into the tone zone with an onsite yoga class. Or take your personal fitness to new heights with a Spartacus high-intensity circuit training class.

Need a short break from the routine? Take a walk over to the Free Table, a dumpster-diver's delight where employees give and get recycled stuff, from toasters to tambourines. And, of course, lots and lots of old bike parts.

Share your personal interests by joining one of our many email groups. It's a great way to build community with people who share your passion for art, apples, cars, fishing, home brewing, music, motorcycles, bikes of all stripes, and lots of other hobbies.

QBP career opportunities

Special Perks, Privileges and Rewards

Flexible schedules, work-from-home options, and opportunities to get paid for charitable volunteer work, are just a few of the perks we offer at QBP. An employee-centered company, we reward a job well done with official recognition, fun events and a little extra cash.

Work Schedule & Location Flexibility

Qualified employees can work offsite and adjust their schedules to better manage workload and achieve their business goals. We'll get you set up by helping with computer, tablet and cell phone purchases.

Locker Room Facilities at QBP

Computer and Tablet Reimbursement

Qualified employees are reimbursed up to 40% on a computer, and up to 50% on a tablet.

Cell Phone Plan

QBP buys mobile devices and cell-phone plans for qualified employees who travel or work offsite.

Get Paid to Volunteer

Building strong community is one of our core values, that's why we support your volunteer work with hourly pay and matching dollars donated to your favorite charitable cause. We also help employees help each other by allowing them to donate PTO to a co-worker in need.

QBP Spokes Cafe Bloomington, MN

Volunteer Match

QBP donates $10 for every hour employees volunteer at non-profit organizations. Up to $400 per employee annually.

Paid Volunteer Time

QBP pays employees for up to 12 hours of annual volunteer work at non-profit organizations.

Paid Time Off Donations

Employees can donate PTO hours to help co-workers during an emergency

Good News for Good Work

We believe good work should be recognized and celebrated. Every month, staff in our distribution centers elects an Employee of the Month. Plus, through our Reward and Recognition program, we give cash prizes or special events are given to individuals and groups for work well done.

QBP career opportunities

Career Development at QBP

Take this Job and Grow It!

At QBP, we invest in your long-term development with courses, coaching, training, seminars, tuition reimbursement, and special on-site educational opportunities.

Individual Growth and Development

Hone your business skills with courses in giving and hearing feedback, negotiation, project management, presentation skills and more.QBP Spokes Cafe Bloomington, MN


Learn the arts of conflict resolution, communication and other skills needed to achieve long-term, top-talent performance.

Mentorship Program

Your personal mentor helps identify your passions and develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to transform them into career

Continuing Education

QBP helps you achieve your career goals with outside training and education.

Tuition Reimbursement

QBP pays some—occasionally all—costs for courses, seminars, workshops or conferences directly related to your job.

QBP Library

Improve your business acumen by borrowing the hottest volumes from the reading lists of our resident business gurus and company leaders.

English Language Learner Courses

Non-native speakers of English can improve fluency and comprehension in these free regularly scheduled courses.

Shower Facilities at QBP

Leadership Institute

This intensive three-day course breaks you beyond your limits, and helps develop your business and interpersonal skills.

High Performance Distribution

This semester-long course immerses you in the art of distribution as practiced at QBP. From inventory planning to customer service and our bike brands, you'll learn the common language of our business. Ultimately, you'll see how your contributions impact the greater good of the organization.

QBP career opportunities

Work Environment

Shower Facilities at QBP

We believe a building is a lot more than a big box crammed with desks, chairs and racks of products. Our physical environment directly impacts the quality of our work, our wellness and our relationships with everyone around us. That's why we've invested in constructing two LEED Gold Certified distribution centers and office complexes in Minnesota and Utah.

From rooftop solar panels generating clean energy to composting and recycling programs that reduce our waste, QBP covers a lot of ground to shrink our environmental footprint.

Our interiors are bright and filled with light and color. Open workstations create a sense of community, making communication natural and easy. Feeling hungry? Head over to Spokes Café. Our onsite cafeteria offers healthy, high-quality affordable food and beverages. Plus, strategically located coffee stations ensure that you're never too far from a hot cup of java, tea or cocoa. If it's a sunny day, enjoy our outdoor patio and picnic area on the edge of beautiful Hyland Lake Preserve.

QBP career opportunities

NOTE: QBP offers different benefits packages at each of its three locations.
Not all benefits listed here are universally available.