2018 Intern Profiles

As part of our Equity and Diversity Internship Program, each year QBP hires a number of high school and college students to spend the summer getting real-world experience, learning about the bike industry, and sharpening their career skills. We sat down with 2018 interns to learn more about what kinds of projects they worked on, what advice they’d give to future interns, and their impressions of QBP and the bike industry at-large. 

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Sam Chihak, IT Support Intern

What did you do during your internship?

My main task was to follow-up on IT support tickets, which mostly involved assisting people with software issues. I also fixed up and re-imaged Z1 work stations. Three of them wouldn’t even turn on and I ended up replacing a lot of RAM and hardware. I learned something new every day and solved some issues I’d never even seen before.

How do you feel about working in the bike industry?

At first, I was apprehensive because I’d never worked in the bike industry before, but during the interview I immediately felt at home. You don’t actually have to know a ton about bikes to fit in here.

“What I did on a day-to-day basis was what a real employee at QBP would have done.” —Sam Chihak

Describe one of your favorite internship memories.

One of my favorite memories was the intern picnic in the park. It was like a 20-minute walk and ended up being a really good bonding experience with my supervisor.

What’s your impression of QBP’s culture?

There’s a lot of encouragement to communicate with your peers and it’s a really open, casual environment. I think it’s the perfect mixture of laid-back and efficient. You can dress casually, but every day you’re still being super productive.

Did this internship help influence your career choices at all?

This internship taught me more than any other and it solidified that I want to work within an IT environment. I loved my job day-to-day.

Thien An Pham, Data Analyst Intern

What did you work on?

My main project was to contribute to a larger goal of improving gender diversity within the bike industry. I looked into sales data of women’s products and analyzed which customers bought those products along with which brands made those products.

How has this internship affected your career path?

It definitely confirmed my interest in data analyzing. I love what I’m doing and really like trying to explain what numbers mean, and interpreting patterns in sales data.

“Even though I was the only intern in my department, I got to know all the other interns really well and we clicked as a group right away.” —Thien An Pham

How do you feel about working in the bike industry?

When I first started this internship, I didn’t know anything about the bike industry. I just knew I wanted to do data analyzing. When I met my team, they were friendly and willing to explain things to me. I learned a lot and could see myself working in the bike industry now.

What advice would you give to future interns?

You don’t have to know about bikes or be a bike nerd to do your job well. Everyone is willing to help you. Keep an open mind about what you might learn, though.

What’s your impression of QBP’s culture?

When we first got here, we were given a “coffee list” that had people who we could meet and talk to about their jobs. Every person I met contributed to my experience here and I’m really grateful for all the guidance and advice. I’d totally recommend this internship to others.

Max Ellingson, Design Engineering Intern

How do you feel about working in the bike industry?

When I was in middle school, I fell in love with biking. I also have this mindset for engineering. In my first year of college, I realized I could combine those two things together. It’s my goal to work in this industry.

What did you work on?

My primary project was to design a handlebar. I was given basic dimensions for Salsa and Whisky plus some overall guidelines to get started, but I was really allowed to express myself in my design and choose where I wanted to go. I also did some side projects like tire testing and analyzing bike tolerances.

“It feels like an awesome hobby that I get paid for.” —Max Ellingson

Describe one of your favorite memories from the internship.

One day all the interns had a pizza lunch together and we got involved in a really intense game of foosball.

What’s your impression of QBP’s culture?

It’s different from most engineering jobs. QBP is by far the most relaxed engineering work culture that I’ve come across, but it also has some of the most productive and passionate people. It’s kind of like a Silicon Valley thing — to attract top talent, you’ve got to have awesome benefits and give employees a good experience. Happy employees make the best products.

How has this internship affected your career path?

It confirmed my choice to work in the bike industry. I wish this internship were longer.

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