Actions We’ve Taken Against Systemic Racial Injustice

QBP and our brands including Salsa, Surly, All-City, 45NRTH, Teravail and Whisky Parts Co. are committing to make meaningful change through immediate and long-term actions.

It’s been 16 days since George Floyd was killed, and the impact that horrific event had to increase awareness of the systemic racial injustice suffered by Black people here and around the world.

These are the steps we’ve taken in the past two weeks. We’re articulating these actions and next steps in order to be accountable to you and to the bicycle industry:

Helping abolish racial injustice and support damaged communities

  • QBP provided $60,000 in matching dollars to employee donations to non-profit organizations* working to end systemic racial injustice and/or supporting people and businesses impacted in the wake of George Floyd’s killing.
  • We doubled the annual paid volunteer allowance to employees—from 12 to 24 hours—to encourage volunteering in impacted communities during work hours.
  • Partnered with suppliers and bike shops to supply parts and volunteer labor to help get people back up and riding in affected areas.

Helping support our employees

We’re proud of and humbled by QBP employees who are, individually and in partnership, standing up against racial injustice, making their voices heard; delivering supplies; helping feed and rebuilding neighborhoods. We believe that employee wellbeing is foundational to the wellbeing of QBP and to our ability to affect positive change. Here’s how we’re supporting them:

  • Provided an additional paid-time-off personal wellness day, to help employees take care of themselves, their families and/or their communities.
  • Coordinated opportunities to help employees find alternative places to stay if they felt unsafe or uncomfortable in their homes.

Institutional change

QBP’s vision is Every Butt on a Bike. We believe that bicycling will transform the world. Yet, we can’t hope to achieve that vision as long as individuals and groups suffer injustice and inequity. It’s clear we must do more, beginning with our own organization. These are our next steps:

  • Invest in diversity, equity and inclusion professionals to help us create a long-term plan to end our own systemic racism; eliminate inequitable experiences and outcomes; and create a culture of justice and inclusion at QBP.
  • Expand our programs and opportunities directed toward BIPOC.
  • Grow our partnerships with Black athletes and ambassadors.
  • Listen to the voices of our partners, employees, ambassadors, and our customers.

These are right things to do, and they reflect our core company value to Act with Integrity. We are committed to doing better. We will update you on our progress.

*These organizations include:
Black Lives Matter
We Love Lake Street Fund
2nd Harvest Heartland
Minneapolis Foundation
Venture North
Black Visions Collective
MN Freedom Fund
Little Earth Food Pantry
West Broadway Business and Area Coalition
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
BIPOC Bike Adventure Grant
Neighbors United Funding Collaborative
ACT Blue
Divine Natural Ancestry
Official George Floyd Memorial Fund
Reclaim the Block
Northside Funders
Somali Owned Businesses
Hunger Solutions
Philando Castillo Relief Foundation
St Paul Central High School Philando Castillo Scholarship
Communities Against Police Brutality
Meals for our Neighbors (Midtown Global Market)
Meals for Medics (Midtown Global Market)
Little Earth Food Pantry Fund
Minneapolis Mental Health Clinic
Black Women's Health Imperative
Help Shawn Amos Rebuild
Little Earth Residents Association

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