Changing Gears: 2019 Internship Kickoff

This is not your ordinary summer internship. By joining QBP’s team for the summer, we’ve been given the opportunity to help envision a future where cycling is accessible, and differences are celebrated. Here, we explain why we’ve chosen “Changing Gears” as our theme for this summer. 

We’re Bri and Kristina, QBP’s marketing interns. As part of the 2019 Equity and Diversity Internship, we get the opportunity to document some of the projects, ideas, and experiences that’s involved in being a QBP intern.

This is not your ordinary summer internship.

Each summer, interns work on things like creating vendor guides, developing test procedures for bike parts, or brainstorming a new advertising campaign. We work on legitimate projects while gaining real-world experience and valuable connections. We aren’t getting coffee or mindlessly filing paperwork—we’re actively making a change to diversify the cycling industry by providing our knowledge, experiences, and creativity.

That’s why we’ve chosen Changing Gears as our theme for this summer. Not only are we literally changing gears when we’re out riding our bikes, but we’re also tackling the steep hill of better representing communities that often go unheard.

Over the course of this campaign, you’ll see that we’re not just cycling enthusiasts, but rather students who want to step out of our comfort zones and learn something new.

Follow Our Journey

This summer, our cohort of interns is participating in something bigger than ourselves: getting more people on bikes no matter who they are or where they’re from. We’re passionate about diversity and inclusion—after all, that’s why we’re here.

We’re a generation igniting change and hoping to make a difference.

We might go off the beaten path to try new things, so bear with us. We’re a generation igniting change and hoping to make a difference. It’s not always easy, but the climb will be worth it.

Follow along on our journey with #changinggears. It’s bound to be a summer of adventure!

–Bri and Kristina

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