How to Prepare Your Shop for the Holidays

Whether it’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, or a whole month’s worth of promotions, capitalizing on holiday gift-giving can serve as a meaningful bump in sales during an otherwise slow season. However, because every retailer is competing for your customers’ wallet-share, it’s important to make sure your strategy is unique, compelling, and dialed.

Here are some tips that can help you stand out from the crowd and make the most of the season, from QBP in-house experts.

The Perfect Gift is Out There

Aaron Martin, Distribution Product Manager

“Encourage shoppers to sneak a photo of the gift recipient’s bike before coming in. You’ll be able to spot all the best upgrades for that bike. Another thing the shopper can look at is the size and manufacturing date of the recipient’s helmet. According to the Snell Foundation, helmets should be replaced every five years.”

Optimize Your Online Presence

Kurtis Wilson, Digital Product Content Manager

“60% of millennials shop online and a third of that group shops using mobile devices. Make sure both your desktop site and mobile site are optimized for online shopping so you can capture these sales. Another strategy is to have cart-starters—items that are lower priced and have big discounts to get customers purchasing. Once they get started, they’ll begin to add more high margin items.”

Every Channel Matters

Jay Lusignan, Director of Marketing

“Upwards of 65% of all U.S. consumers make a purchase online or in-person during the holiday season. With that in mind, creating an omni-channel approach to holiday sales is a key element of success. Do an audit of your store presence, website, email, and social channels to make sure they all speak to your capability to deliver on holiday ideas for cycling enthusiasts.”

Social Media isn’t Optional

Mike Roering, Social Media Manager

“It’s important to create a social media plan to support your in-store and online sales. The five main steps are:

  • Make a content calendar
  • Commit to working on social media a little bit every day
  • Dedicate time to take photos and write posts
  • Use tools to distribute content and schedule posts
  • Continue to tell your brand’s story

Remember to have fun with it, be yourself, and be open with your followers!”

Don’t Forget Your Service Department

Todd Cravens, VP of Business Development

“Service package gift cards are an often-needed and desired gift to your favorite cyclist. Service gift cards for tune-ups or suspension overhauls are a great way to get customers coming in earlier for service instead of all at once in the spring.”

Rally Your Employees

Rebecca Karbon, Director of Brand Sales

“As the holidays approach, it’s a good time to do some planning. Not only for what products to you want to sell, but also around staffing and store hours. Make sure to check in with staff if you plan on extending shop hours and make sure you’re not short on staff because they’re travelling out-of-town.”

Offer More than Discounts

Aaron Stehly, Manager of Education

“Leverage your shop’s unique culture to stand out from the crowd during the holidays. So, if you specialize in gravel, generate holiday shopping excitement through curating a selection of must-have items that support gravel riding. Beyond that, consider hosting events that give gift recipients an opportunity to use their new products like an invite-only gravel ride.”

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