Meet Bri, QBP’s Copywriter Intern

As she finds her way around Minneapolis by bike, Bri navigates a new city and a variety of creative projects.

Department: Marketing

School: University of Georgia, Senior

Major: Advertising

Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

Hobbies: Reading, cooking, jamming to 80’s music

Current Ride: Surly Pack Rat

It’s been nothing short of a summer adventure for Bri as she travels across the country to immerse herself in Midwestern culture and the cycling industry. So far, being at QBP has allowed the Georgia native to explore Minneapolis on two wheels, befriend new colleagues, and make fun of people who claim it’s too hot outside. “It really feels like home here. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some incredible people while doing really cool work.”

“I love the casual atmosphere­­—the tattoos, the dogs, the quirky artwork laying around. I think there’s a place for everyone here whether you’re a professional racer or a total beginner.”

When Bri isn’t giving her canine coworkers belly rubs, she’s often working with Kristina, the social media intern, to collaborate on their projects and give each other feedback. She enjoys working closely with the Marketing Department whose projects are diverse, allowing Bri to flex different creative muscles.

“Each day is different. I could be writing articles about QBP’s advocacy efforts, designing a poster, or working with other interns to pitch an event idea. My favorite project so far has been collaborating with other copywriters to help name paint colors for the 2021 model year line of Surly bikes.”

The laid-back company culture wasn’t the only reason Bri was drawn to QBP. “As someone who also rides motorcycles, I’m pretty familiar with the intimidation and lack of representation that exists in these industries. Seeing QBP prioritize diversity and inclusion played a huge role in my decision to come work here.”

As Bri approaches her last year of college, she’s already thinking about where she could see herself working in the future. “I’m grateful that I’m not only learning about my career interests, but also about myself and what I want out a job. Having an experience like this is has been crucial in helping me figure out where I’ll go next.”

“QBP has eased the transition from being a student to a budding professional. The internship has made me excited and optimistic about my career prospects.”

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