Meet Habib, QBP’s Accounting Intern

QBP partners with Step Up to offer opportunities to Minneapolis youth like Habib who want a head start into career exploration.

Department: Accounting

School: Spring Lake Park High School, Junior

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hobbies: Playing basketball

Current Ride: Mountain bike

After coming to the U.S. from Ethiopia in 2014, Habib began looking into ways he could explore career fields before committing to a specific path after high school.

By joining QBP’s Accounting Department, Habib has been able to better understand bikes, the financial world, and the analytical work QBP’s employees do. His supervisor, Andrea Fritz, is equally grateful for the internship opportunity with Step Up as she joins the effort to improve diversity within the workforce. “QBP is big on providing feedback and seeing how we can be better. Habib will tell me about his goals and then I ask how I can help him reach those goals. Every day I get work on giving and receiving good, constructive feedback,” Andrea says.

“QBP decided to partner with Step Up to place several of our interns within the Equity and Diversity Internship Program to bring even more talent, diversity, and fresh ideas from a youthful perspective to the program and to introduce more youth to the bicycle industry.” – Amber Maier, HR Manager

For the summer, Habib’s primarily focused on posting QBP’s lockbox payments where he watches for any discrepancies. He then has to try to figure out the issue and email the customer. It’s an important task for Habib’s team as he navigates the job with relative ease. “Habib’s a quick learner,” Andrea notes.

When Habib isn’t crunching numbers, he’s working with other interns to see how other bike shops appeal to women. His group spends time doing research into various shops’ social media, web presence, and overall attitude towards diverse riders to get a feel for how the cycling industry is representing women.

“Even if you mess up or make a mistake, people are willing to help out and show you how to do better. Above all, you’re here to learn.” – Habib, Accounting Intern

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