Meet Michelle, QBP’s Legal Intern

She’s taught English in Japan and Taiwan, worked in Yellowstone National Park, and conquered her MBA. Now Michelle is on her way to finishing law school and getting back on the bike.

Department: Risk Management

School: St. Thomas University

Major: Law School

Hometown: Somerset, Wisconsin

Hobbies: Snowboarding, biking, crocheting, photography

Current Ride: All-City Space Horse

QBP’s laidback environment is a breath of fresh air to Michelle, a law student who’s used to suiting up every day for class. After she found out QBP is a company with plenty of introverts who wear jeans to work, she knew she was going to fit in. “It’s a way better fit for my personality. All the good things I’d heard about QBP’s company culture have been true.”

“It’s cool to see how your passion can also work towards more diversity and inclusion. I’ve learned that you don’t need to compromise advocacy efforts for job growth.”

While working closely with QBP’s General Counsel, Michelle manages QBP’s trademark filings for brands and stays updated on legal news through research regarding customs, imports, and tariffs that affect QBP’s distribution regulations. Michelle is also working closely with other departments like Human Resources to ensure QBP’s company policies are following proper protocol. But when asked about specifics for her current projects, Michelle noted that a lot of it is kept under wraps due to undergoing legal decisions. “My projects are kind of like secrets,” Michelle laughs.

When she’s not diving deep into confidential legalities, Michelle is usually speeding down icy hills on her snowboard or spending time with her fiancé, Paul. Now that she’s been at QBP for a few weeks, she already feels herself catching the bike bug as she talks about her recent purchase of an All-City Space Horse. “I’m super excited. I’ve wanted to get more into biking for a while now. Being able to ask my coworkers questions and biking to work together made it easier to jump in.”

Having a cohort of fellow interns is another big plus to Michelle, who enjoys the group’s camaraderie. “I’m pretty quiet and tend to keep to myself but having other interns where we all can eat lunch, do projects, and talk together makes it a lot more tight-knit.”

“Say 'yes' to group rides, social outings, and anything else that’ll help you grow. Working here is much more about your success as a professional and a person rather than just an employee.”

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