Meet Suk, QBP’s IT Intern

Suk Tsendjav talks about why he loves working in the tech field and how he’s discovering the importance of company culture.

Department: IT

School: Minnesota State University, Senior

Major: Management Information Systems

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Hobbies: Boxing, reading, meditating

Current Ride: Nothing…yet

Suk is putting his classroom skills to the test by working in an ever-changing field where adaptability is mandatory.

“IT is the future. There’s no such thing as doing the same task over and over. You have to change along with the technology which is really exciting and challenging for me.”

But before he heads into the office to tackle his summer projects, Suk enjoys meditating at home to get himself prepared for the day ahead. “Right now, I’m working on some web design and teaming up with the business intelligence group to help pull some data and research from our competitors. I like to meditate beforehand so I can start my work with a clear head and concentrate a little better.”

Lovingly nicknamed “The Cave,” the cozy office where the IT team resides is a welcoming place for Suk who has come to value a quiet, laidback atmosphere where hard work is prioritized but informality is embraced.

“Everyone is relaxed but still gets their work done.”

When deciding where to spend his summer, Suk found QBP to be the best fit during his interview. “I really liked what I saw in the facility, culture, and people. Amber (HR Manager) gave me a tour before my interview which helped me decide that QBP was where I wanted to be.”

As for Suk’s biggest takeaway and advice to future interns, he says that it’s important to take initiatives and tackle challenges that don’t usually present themselves on their own. “Find a project that hasn’t been done before so you can stand out and show your value. Do something outside of your comfort zone and it’ll help you in the long run.”

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