Taco Thursday: Intern Edition

After a month of diving into their summer projects, the interns take a break to ride bikes, reinvent tacos, and have fun.

For many QBP employees, bike culture doesn’t just start at the office—it begins on the way to work. Commuting via bike (even in –5-degree weather) isn’t out of the ordinary at QBP, but on Bike to Work Days, there is an undeniable feeling of excitement and achievement when everyone is encouraged to challenge themselves by biking to work.

For the July 2019 Bike to Work Day, interns were tasked with planning, creating, and executing the event.

"I loved helping plan an event that anyone in the company was welcome to attend. It was really fun serving food and meeting people from departments I usually don't get to meet!" –Ellie, Industrial Design intern

After an eventful brainstorming session, the intern cohort came up with the theme of “Riding Tacos,” a unique take on the traditional “walking tacos” where taco ingredients are mixed in with a bag of chips for convenience and portability. The idea garnered enthusiasm from the interns who soon began thinking of ways to combine two favorites among the office: tacos and bikes.

From grocery shopping to flyer design, the intern group divvied up tasks and spread the hype for the first ever “Riding Tacos” Bike to Work Day. They worked hard to channel their energy by promoting the event through flyers, stickers, and word-of-mouth. “I had a lot of fun shopping for supplies with Kristin [HR employee who oversees Bike to Work Day] and manning the selfie stand with [fellow interns] Suk, Ahmad, and Habib,” says Lydia, Data Analyst intern.

And while most Bike to Work Days start in the morning, it was important for the intern group to include workers in the Distribution Center who don’t typically start their shifts until 2pm. “We worked hard to make sure our Bike to Work Day event would be available to everyone,” says Ellie.

To tackle an event that ended up serving over a hundred people, the intern team took turns in shifts, each playing a vital role in ensuring that the exceedingly long taco line kept on a-movin’. From conception to execution, the event ended up being a huge hit; it included extra commuter credits, a delicious and complimentary taco meal, and specially-designed “I bike for tacos!” stickers designed by our copywriter intern, Bri.

The interns not only got to meet other employees in different departments, but they also got to know each other a little better.

“The whole process was great for everyone to open up and share their ideas which was beneficial before we started our other team projects.” –Bri, Copywriter intern

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