The Power of Coffee and Networking

QBP employees from the “coffee list” set aside some time to chat with interns, share advice, and give insight into their roles.

One of the many cool opportunities summer interns have is the ability to utilize a company “coffee list” —a list of 25 QBP employees who are ready to share their professional and personal experiences as well as offer advice, answer questions, and act as a resource. For our interns, many of whom are on their own journey of self-discovery, the coffee list provides a great way to network and gain a richer understanding of a person’s role within a company: something that isn’t easily taught in the classroom. Ahmad, this summer’s Sales intern, sat down for coffee with Susie to learn more about being a Digital Marketing Manager here at QBP.

Tackling Projects Together

Ahmad first met Susie after being assigned a project that consisted of calling QBP retailers and updating their contact information, an important task for his department to maintain. After Ahmad and Susie spent a few weeks completing the list, they then sat down for a coffee meeting to discuss how the project went and the specifics of Susie’s role.

As an incoming undecided major, Ahmad was grateful for the opportunity to talk a little bit more about what exactly a Digital Marketing Manager entails. Ahmad knew he was interested in marketing and sales as a field, but also wanted to dive a little deeper and see the types of positions that existed within QBP to see if it truly was a good fit. That’s where Susie stepped in.

“Every intern, every person here is coming from a different place; they have diverse skill sets and goals. If I can help someone learn a little more about themselves, that’s great.” –Susie, Digital Marketing Manager

Even if a person isn’t crazy about digital marketing, Susie still believes it’s always valuable to ask questions if something piques an interest. She encouraged Ahmad to do something he’s really into and even if it’s not in sales and marketing fields, that’s okay.

Why the Coffee List Matters

When asked what his biggest takeaway from the meeting was, Ahmad said that Susie encouraged him to be perseverant and persistent. “There will be a lot of projects over the summer and it can be a lot to handle. But if you’re persistent, you’ll get the job done. And the more people you meet, the more networking opportunities you have after your internship is over,” Ahmad said.

Ahmad says his next coffee interview is going to with someone working in data analysis to learn more about their roles and maybe discover a passion for something he’s never explored.

“It’s a way to learn about someone’s role and ask for advice in a laidback environment. You can be yourself. You’re not presenting anything, so there’s less pressure. It’s the most comfortable way to get feedback and learn about careers.”

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