Giving Back: 6% for Bike Communities

We decided to do something no other bike company had done — hire a full-time bike industry advocate and create a dedicated fund for giving.

Sometimes doing the most good for the most people means thinking outside the box. That’s just what QBP did in 1998 when it hired the bike industry’s first full-time bike advocate, Gary Sjoquist, and decided to donate a portion of our after-tax profits to bike-related causes. In doing so, we re-wrote the definition of business success — profits are important, sure, but what good are profits if you’re not having a positive impact on your community?

How We Give

Each year, we dedicate 6% of our after-tax profits to help build healthy, sustainable bike communities. The funds go to bike advocacy organizations located in the states where we have distribution centers, and to national non-profits. In addition, these funds help support the QBP Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarship as well as the QBP Community Grant. These are our specific areas of giving:

Regional Outreach

QBP supports regional and statewide organizations that promote bicycle advocacy with local governments. It often takes a blend of local, grassroots knowledge and government support to get initiatives off the ground.

“With QBP’s involvement, we were able to get people confident and competent with cycling, then actually give them a bike.” – Anthony Taylor, Slow Roll Minneapolis

Trail Networks

QBP backs organizations that work on the expansion and creation of trail systems. Any kind of trail from singletrack to paved urban trails can increase participation in cycling, so each mile of new trail built means more butts on bikes.

Community Building

QBP believes in supporting local projects that have a big impact on their communities. By promoting cycling, we are fighting poverty, overcoming transportation and employment issues, and promoting a healthy lifestyle in underserved communities.

“Since 1998, we’ve dedicated over 7 million dollars to bike-related causes as part of our 6% mission.” – Seth Nesselhuf, Director of Community at QBP

Bike-Friendly Infrastructure

QBP helps guide and fund efforts to ensure that bicycles are an essential part of balanced transportation policy. We work with politicians and bike lobby groups to make sure cyclists’ needs are being considered.

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