We Must Do Better

The events this past week have been utterly tragic, beginning with the horrific death of George Floyd and followed by the subsequent destruction of businesses and buildings here in the Twin Cities and across the US.

I’ve struggled to make sense of it all and to find the words that express QBP’s place within these events and our role in repairing what is fundamentally broken in our communities. And in this struggle, we waited far too long to speak.

I am sorry for our silence.

What happened to Mr. Floyd is sickening and fills us with anger. No human being should be treated this way. We hope justice is served swiftly and fully.

The looting and burning of businesses make me sad. Some of these businesses were bike shops owned by our friends, who are partners of QBP. Yet we understand that these expressions of protest are indeed the language of the unheard.

In the midst of it all are people of uniform, some who failed in the most basic of human behavior, and many others who perform their jobs honorably.

We’ve seen this play out before, in other cities and against other Black people. Our society is broken by deep divisions of inequality, including power, gender, privilege, and race.

I don’t have the answers about how to fix it all but will start by acknowledging our role in what’s broken our industry, and our commitment that QBP will help in its repair.

I believe in the people at QBP. We celebrate our differences, talk openly with each other, and strive for a workplace that respects every human being. We’ve worked to be more diverse, equitable and inclusive, yet we can do better.

I am declaring that QBP will be better. That begins by understanding that Black lives matter, and by living deeper into that belief.

We will be better through the hard work of creating change. We will be better by working in tandem with you, with your voice helping to determine our direction. We are listening.

-Rich Tauer, President of QBP


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