QBP Community Grant

Local bike shops know their communities best, making them uniquely equipped to make change happen. Founded on the belief that getting more butts on bikes is crucial for the health of our communities, the QBP Community Grant helps bike shops create real, local change while contributing to the sustainability of the industry.

This grant is made up of donations from bike industry brands and the QBP Fund.


How It Works

  1. Dealer's Choice enrolled retailer determines and develops local project plan
  2. Retailer completes initial application
  3. If selected by QBP to move forward, retailer fills out full application
  4. Funds are distributed to grant recipients, who then have one year to use funds

Initiatives We Support

  • Increasing ridership among diverse and/or underserved populations
  • Youth ridership
  • Educational programs
  • Bicycle infrastructure

Applicants may collaborate with non-profit entities who are in support of their proposal. We are seeking grassroots initiatives that are relatively new (2 years or less) or are in the process of being developed. See Application Details section for a more detailed list of initiatives this grant supports.

"The fact that retailers propose and lead their own projects makes this grant program especially powerful." — Kim Marek, QBP Community Grant Director

Program Dates

  • Applications open: February 2020
  • Initial application due: March 2020
  • Notification of initial proposal results: April 2020
  • Full application due: April 2020
  • Grants awarded: May 2020

Applicant Eligibility

  • Must be a retailer with a QBP account
  • Must be in good standing with QBP
  • Must be currently enrolled in Dealer’s Choice


Powered by Brands Who Care

These brands believe in the power of bike shops and are committed to increasing ridership, especially among diverse communities. They are part of Dealer’s Choice — a QBP-led initiative that promotes the sustainability of the bike industry.

QBP Community Grant Sponsors




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2018 Grant Recipients



Application Details

What kinds of projects will be funded?

The QBP Community Grant will consider, but is not limited to, applications for project proposals such as:

  • Diversity in ridership:
    • Get more women, people of color, Native Americans, LGBTQ+, persons with disabilities, and others with diverse backgrounds riding bikes or working in bike shops
    • Get more youth riding bikes or learning how bikes work 
    • Bike initiatives that support low income ridership
    • Earn-a-bike programs
    • Projects that eliminate barriers to riding
    • Equitable access to bikes and bike accessories
    • Programs/events/clinics that educate cyclists and create community
  • Educational Programs:
    • Projects and initiatives that get youth interested in bikes
    • Clinics on bike skills, mechanics, safety, varying bike disciplines
    • Educational avenues to eliminate ridership barriers
    • Cycling as a means for physical and mental wellness
  • Bicycle Infrastructure:
    • Bike lanes, trails, bridges, and paths
    • Bike parks, pump tracks, facilities
    • Safe riding opportunities
    • Programs that build awareness and responsible ridership
    • Building and expansion of riding opportunities


What will not be funded?

This grant does not cover general operating costs, promotional materials, staff salaries, athlete sponsorships, planning and retreats, races or race courses, parking lots for motorized vehicles, travel, policy documents, litigation, master plans, feasibility studies, benches, information kiosks, and restroom facilities.


What’s the application process like?

The QBP Community Grant application process has two parts:

  1. Initial application: Interested applicants will be asked to submit an online initial application. This application captures basic information about the retailer, the point person, contact details, as well as an overview of the project proposed for funding.
  2. Full application: A list of chosen applicants will be asked to submit a full project application and will be asked to fill it out in its entirety. A letter of recommendation from a partner who will be involved with the project will be requested during this phase as well.


What’s the evaluation criteria?

The Grant Review Committee is comprised of two groups: QBP leadership and a panel of Dealer’s Choice suppliers. Each group will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Diversity Impact – what this project is doing to develop a more diverse ridership
  • Project Alignment with Grant Initiatives – increasing ridership among diverse and/or underserved populations, youth ridership, educational programs, and bicycle infrastructure
  • Community Benefit – target audience, and project’s potential to increase ridership
  • Measurement and Evaluation – ability to define and articulate what a successful outcome of this project will look like
  • Role of Funding – where/what funding will be allocated to and the impact it will have
  • Commitment – retailers who are committed to make their project a reality and possess the follow-through and drive to make it happen


What is QBP looking for in an application?

  • Clearly articulated vision for a plan that has measurable impact
  • Thorough plan that is creative and achievable, with outlined details for how it will be completed
  • Detailed breakdown of associated costs or product needs to support proposal
  • Show strong community collaboration and cooperation


What are the reporting requirements for grant recipients?

Each recipient will be asked to provide quarterly communication summarizing the following:

  • Photos and/or articles detailing project progress and any media coverage
  • A status update on your project
  • An overview of upcoming project deliverables/deadlines/components
  • List of partners or supporters participating in your project

Upon completion of your project* a final report (no longer than three pages) will need to be submitted including the following information:

  • Outcome: what did your project build, improve, develop, or accomplish
  • Who participated: identify volunteers, supporters, businesses, other groups who helped make your project a reality
  • Impact on ridership
  • Benefits to the community, including economic impact if information is available
  • Keys to success and lessons learned: help us help others with what worked and what did not
  • Summary of media coverage and photos
  • How the QBP Community Grant support was recognized

*All projects must be completed within a year of funding being granted.

In addition to providing the above information, please submit:

  • Project income and expense report reflecting all funding sources for the whole project
  • Copies of or links to press clippings
  • Two or more photos that help tell your story

Submit reports via email to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).