QBP Will Carry Subrosa Bikes and Parts

Beginning in June, QBP will stock the full line of Subrosa BMX bikes and parts. This includes complete bikes, frames, forks, handlebars, components and apparel.

Founded in 2006, the Longwood, Florida-based company has grown quickly and is in high demand among BMX customers. Subrosa’s offerings include a completely revamped bike line for 2014 with upgraded specs and competitive pricing. The line also includes new signature parts from their popular team riders Hoang Tran, Lahsaan Kobza, Mark Mulville, Scott Ditchburn, Kyle Hart and Simone Barraco. 

“Our dealers have been asking for Subrosa for years,” said Bernie Doll, brand manager of QBMX, a QBP group dedicated to providing BMX products for dealers. “The brand’s attention to quality and detail has won a lot of trust and loyalty among riders. So this was the logical next step in our partnership. There will be a lot of excitement when these bikes hit the shops this summer. We’re thrilled to be a part of it.” 

Subrosa, which is Latin for “under the rose,” refers to pledges of silence. In 16th century England, conspirators often hung a rose from the ceiling of the pub where they plotted. Anything said beneath the rose was held in strictest silence. But for Subrosa bikes, the meaning is more tongue-in-cheek than cloak-and-dagger. 

“This brand is about being in a place where it’s safe to be yourself and speak your mind. It’s about connecting with other people who share your interests and passions. Most of all, it’s about having fun on bikes,” said Glenn Dussl, QBMX sales manager. 

Dealers interested in pre-booking this product can visit ww.qbp.com, go to Specials and Programs, and click the QBMX logo. They can also reach the QBMX customer service staff at 1-877-244-2269.